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Your marching band is interested in putting on a spectacular show. The team is working hard on the field every day, so they can go perform and score big. However, there’s more to the show then just the music. You are working on creating a feeling that people in the stands will carry home with them. You are putting on a performance that should rival those on Broadway and leave the fans amazed at how talented and wonderful your band is.

Unfortunately, you cannot accomplish creating the powerful impression if your shields are damaged and your custom banners look tired and stained. We offer quality shield repair services, so you can keep your expensive aluminum shields looking incredible. When your marching band drum major takes the field with the shield on her arm, you want it to look great and impress the crowd. As your team marches proudly down a street with perfectly straight lines, heads held high and eyes straight ahead, you want custom banners that look as impressive as your team of dedicated musicians, percussion and color guard.

We use aluminum to make shields in any shape or size you need, so you can turn to us when you need a custom shield to match this year’s musical score. Allow us to make custom banners that will match your team colors, are easy for the color guard to carry and will proudly display the perfect logo or theme.

There are several uses for marching band shields along with personalized banners. Have the color guard use shields for a musical number instead of rifles or flags. Let the drum major carry the shield throughout the performance instead of a staff. Mount shields on the front of percussion pieces or along the pit to help the audience understand what the theme is of your musical score and performance.

Shields are an investment in your band because they can be used again from one year to the next. Accidents happen on the field, and things fall over in the supply trucks. Whether the kids have been careless or the shields are simply broken through a genuine accident, you can trust us for quality shield repair. We will touch up colors, repair cracks and complete other repairs to keep your shields looking fantastic and remaining functional year after year. Call us at 310-483-9008 to learn more about how shields can enhance your performance and how we can provide you with quality shields and repair services.

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